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Imagine Album

Imagine Album

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What did music tell us when we were children?

The adventures we sailed off to, dreaming... The dream of a new world at peace...

The lullabies our mothers sang to us, the stories they told. For us, it is the search for ways to hand down this same tradition generation to generation.


We wanted the healing power of music to accompany our dreams, where our imagination knows no bounds. With our new album IMAGINE, we are sailing towards the dreams of our childhood. 


We wanted our lullabies and stories to accompany the children in that special, almost ritual-like moment before they fall asleep. It was a pleasure for us to work on these pieces that you can also comfortably perform, instead of just listening and reading.


Aside from the 11 lullabies that we arranged,  the last piece in the album, “Dandini Dandini Dastana” is an unforgettable lullaby that our mothers and grandmothers used to sing to us, to wish us off into a peaceful sleep. To be able to share this legacy with you through a different interpretation is very meaningful for us.


The composition process of this album took place in Stuttgart and Eskişehir, while the recording was done in Istanbul. The cover and all of the illustrations that carry us imaginatively into different worlds are by the Brooklyn-based illustrator Kristiana Parn. 


IMAGINE opens a door into a world where children will continue dreaming with the touching beauty of music itself. 

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Lullaby No.1

It was hard to let go off the warmth of her bed since it would end the dream she was in. In her dream, she was flying deep in the pitch blue sky, to the highest point..Many cannot see themselves flying in their dreams. She was aware how lucky she was. Only dreams meant freedom and eternity for her.

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Lullaby No.2

She used to love being outside, and would never want to go back home. Her parents decided not to let her go with her father every day. She ignored it and kept on fleeing from the house to follow her father. She knew very well where her father would go, and it was a piece of cake for her to find him. After she did the same thing for a couple of times, the neighbors began to worry that something bad would happen to her, and thus they made a plan.



Lullaby No. 3

He thought that nature was resting during the winter and preparing us for the summer. Now that everybody was home and happy, he could have breakfast and dive into his book. Who knows, maybe his mom could bake his favorite cookies for the evening. As he was indulging himself with such thoughts, his eyes caught the glimpse of something.


Lullaby No.12 (Dandini)

When he was out together with his parents for the weekend, he saw a boy passing by their house with a bunch of balloons in his hands. He thought the boy must be the happiest child in the world. As his mom approached the boy and bought a blue balloon, he figured that the boy was not playing with the balloons but was selling them.



Lullaby No.5

They were coming from the cabin where they would sometimes go to get away from the city life. Suddenly, her mom, who was driving the car, slowed down and had to stop the car before long. Then, she tried to restart the car, yet it was useless. There was nothing to do except from stepping out of the car and waiting for someone who could help them pass by.


Lullaby No.6

She remembered that she had forgotten to brush her teeth as she was going to bed, yet she was really sleepy. While she was struggling between sleeping and brushing her teeth, her inner voice told her that she needed to brush her teeth if she did not want any decayed tooth in her mouth. So, she headed for the bathroom immediately. Since she always did what her inner voice told her, sometimes she was not able to do what she actually wanted.



Lullaby No.7

It was evening hours, but the sky was still light. After all, it was the best thing about summer, wasn’t it? As day was slowly turning into night, her mother came to her room and told her that her new piano would arrive in the morning. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep even a wink that night.


Lullaby No.8

“Quite a hot day” sighed the Racoon. His favorite gray fur was literally torturing him on a broiler in August. Like someone felt his heart and extended help, he was soaked all of a sudden. Much puzzled, the Racoon first thought it must be raining, yet he realized the water was not going down, but up on his body. Oh my gosh, it was the sprinklers of the garden where he was treading on.  That was the best thing that could have happened to him on such a hot day.



Lullaby No.9

On the way, she talked with her friends on the bus until they arrived at the school. Following a little more chitchat with her friends, she headed for her classroom. As soon as she entered the classroom, she noticed a change. One of the front rows had been removed, and a higher desk had been placed  instead.


Lullaby No.10

As they were playing in their room, two sisters saw that it was raining outside through the window. “What is this rain? We have planned to go out”, complained the younger one. Her older sister did not like playing in the rain that much either, but she wouldn’t complain because she knew all living creatures needed water. She assured her little sister, “We will wear our boots and raincoats, and we’ll go out even if it keeps raining, no worries.“ 



Lullaby No.11

She stormed into the house and turned on the music immediately after changing into her dancing outfit! That was the moment she had been waiting since the morning; dance trainer finally was there. They would rehearse the moves from the previous day and practice some new ones. Dancing was more important than even eating or sleeping for her.


Lullaby No.12 (Dandini)

“It was an exhausting training today mom! I love running. Moving and exercising make me happy, but I wish my legs didn’t hurt so much afterwards… I’m sleepy, yet the aches keep me awake.”, said the boy.

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